Rubber Ninjas

Rubber Ninjas Demo

Ragdoll martial arts fighting


  • Easy to play
  • Looks cool!


  • Too simple
  • Relies a bit on luck


Rubber Ninjas is a one or two player fighting game. It features easy to learn controls, ragdoll physics and some spectacular Matrix-like bullet time camera effects.

This demo allows you to play three stages of the single player campaign, and a two player game. Each round is set in a globe, with a painted background. Using only up, down, left and right, players launch their ragdoll rubber ninjas at one another, trying to hit their opponent.

Sometimes you are armed with batons or sticks, other times not. The trick is basically to fling your limbs into the opponent with as much momentum as possible, while protecting your head. It's easy to pick up, but playing thoughtlessly doesn't work too well. It basically comes down to timing a little luck, to get a good point against your opponent. When you clash, time slows and the camera spins around the dueling Rubber Ninjas, which looks cool, though occasionally it is disorientating, and control gets confusing!

While it's a bit random, Rubber Ninjas is pretty good fun, and playing with a friend on the same computer is nice. Even if control is imprecise, it still feels good when you do something impressive, and the camera spins around as polygrams of 'blood' explode from your opponent. The graphics are nice and shiny, which at the very least make Rubber Ninjas pretty monitor eye candy.

Super simple, Rubber Ninjas doesn't have much depth but it has the advantage that anyone can pick it up and start enjoying it.

Rubber Ninjas


Rubber Ninjas Demo

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